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Terre Francescane ORGANIC Extra Virgin Olive Oil (DOP) - 500Ml - Origin Spoleto, Italy (M)

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Terre Francescane ORGANIC Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Umbria, Italy. This is a classic aggressive Extra Virgin Olive Oil with all the bite and spice you would expect from Umbria.

Terre Francescane ORGANIC by Andrea Gradassi is a 100% ORGANIC Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Spoleto Mountains of Umbria (otherwise known as "The Green Heart of Italy"). Land-locked Umbria is known as one of the best olive oil regions in the world. It is the only region of Italy to have its entire production of extra virgin olive oil classified as DOP (Denominazione di Origine Protetta) by the European Union. 100% Italian but also 100% Extra Virgin. A green/golden oil with a fresh , fruity bouquet. Rich in polyphenols and surprisingly mild with low acidity.

Oil & People. A concept at the very heart of our philosophy. OIL Striving to promote the sheer quality of Italian and Umbrian extra virgin olive oil in the endeavouring pursuit of excellence. PEOPLE Yourselves. Our dedication to pamper those whom appreciate the healthy, fine things in life. C.U.FR.OL. Frantoi Oleari Umbri, born originally as a consortium of the most prominent Umbrian olive farmers with their centuries’ old traditions, is based in Spoleto in the central Italian region of Umbria and specializes in the production of Premium DOP, Organic and Italian EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL

The Terre Francescane Biologico extra virgin olive oil is obtained from a selection of the best organically grown olives from Umbria, carefully selected by Tiziano Scacaroni and certified by the Instituto Mediterraneo di Certificazione. The oil is emerald green and pleasantly pungent with a strong aroma of mature olives and a slightly almond aftertaste, ideally suited to dress vegetables, bruschetta, soups and meats.

Pairs Best With

Leafy Green Salads, Garden Salads, Roasted/Grilled Veg, Boiled/Steamed Veg, Grilled Fish, White Meat, Soft Cheese, Pasta, Soups & Stews, Sauces, Legumes/Pulses

Organic Extra Virgin
500ml (16.9 oz)
Umbria, Italy
Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo
Fall 2019
Frantoio Gradassi
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